A NEW PERSPECTIVE — Reframing Our World


Gaining a different view of things—a new perspective—of you, others, and the windows of our world. See yourself as God sees you. See others as God sees them. See the world as God sees the world, in a new light.


Easy by 7karat— http://bit.ly/2oL3lrc
Elements Of LÝfe by Emrah Oruc
Moment by RHEGEN
Word To Spread by The Funk Hunters Feat. Chali 2na — http://bit.ly/2oPe6WB

* Franklin Park Mall, Toledo: Chick-Fil-A
* My daughters and Mina… you’re great sports!

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Church Reframed. Lives Restored and Cities Transformed — Reframe Church exists to do as Jesus did by reframing hope, love and worth to the dejected, rejected and ignored, by reframing how we see ourselves, others, and the windows of our world.